Can Llavi

Carrer de la Font 6, Canet de Mar, 08360, Spain

How to get here

By Car

A) From Barcelona by car, it's very simple! Follow these instructions to enjoy an enjoyable trip: 1. From Barcelona, take the C-32 motorway northbound. 2. Continue on the C-32 and take the exit towards Canet de Mar. 3. Follow the signs to the center of the city 4. Once in Canet de Mar, look for the city center and the famous Carrer de la Font and there number 6.
B) From Girona airport by car, follow these steps: 1. Exit Girona Airport and head south towards the AP-7 motorway towards Barcelona. 2. Continue on the AP-7 motorway for about 30-40 minutes. 3. Take exit 9 towards C-32 towards Mataró / N-II / Arenys de Mar / Canet de Mar. 4. Follow the signs to Canet de Mar and merge onto the C-32 road. 5. Continue on the C-32 until you see signs for Canet de Mar. 6. Take the appropriate exit towards Canet de Mar and follow the signs to the city centre. 7. Once in Canet de Mar, you go to Carrer de la Font 6. Don't forget to use a navigation system or map apps on your phone for a more accurate route. We hope you have a pleasant trip and welcome you to Can Llavi!

By Train

A) From Barcelona by train is a convenient and pleasant option. Follow these steps for a hassle-free journey: 1. From Barcelona-Sants station, take train line R1 towards Calella or Maçanet-Massanes. 2. Enjoy the comfortable ride and admire the view of the Mediterranean coast as you head towards Canet de Mar. 3. Get off the train at Canet de Mar station. 4. From the train station you can walk 4 minutes towards Can Llaví. B) From Girona airport to Can Llavi by train, this is not the easiest option, but follow these steps: 1. From Girona Airport, head to the nearest train station, which is Girona Station. 2. Buy a train ticket to Barcelona. You can choose between regional or high-speed trains, such as the AVE. 3. Board the train to Barcelona and make sure to validate your ticket if necessary. 4. Travel on the train to the Barcelona train station that best suits your plans. Sants Station is a common option, as it offers connections to other train lines and public transport. 5. In Barcelona, follow the signs to Sants Station, Passeig de Gràcia or El Clot. 6. From the station, board a train on line R1 to Calella or Maçanet-Massanes. Canet de Mar is one of the stops on this line. 7. Once at Canet de Mar train station, you can walk to Can Llavi, which is within a reasonable distance. Don't forget to check train schedules and connections to make sure they fit your itinerary. We hope you have made a pleasant trip and we welcome you with open arms to Can Llavi!

By Taxi

Your taxi will simply follow the recommended route and the cost is around 75 euros from Barcelona.

By Bus

A) From Barcelona to Can Llavi by bus is a comfortable and accessible option. Here are the steps to get there: 1. Head to Barcelona Nord Bus Station, which is Barcelona's main bus station. 2. Search for a bus service that has directions to Canet de Mar, where Can Llavi is located. 3. Buy your ticket and get on the bus to Canet de Mar. 4. Enjoy the ride along the Mediterranean coast and admire the panoramic views. 5. Get off the bus at Canet de Mar train station. 6. From the bus station you can easily walk to Can Llavi. B) From Girona airport to Can Llavi by bus, follow these steps: 1. From Girona airport, go to the bus station located at the airport. 2. Check timetables and bus lines that go to Barcelona or the Maresme region, where Can Llavi is located. You can get timetable information in the same terminal or online on the airport website. 3. Buy your bus ticket to Canet de Mar or to the nearest town of Can Llavi. 4. Board the bus and make sure you have enough time for the trip. 5. Travel on the bus to Canet de Mar. 6. Once in Canet de Mar you can easily walk to Can Llavi.

Parking lot

In the vicinity of Can Llaví there are 3 parking options: A) Paid parking just 2 minutes walk from Can Llavi. The daily rate is 20 Euros: C) Free parking at 6 minutes: https://www.google.com/maps/place/P%C3%A0rquing+P%C3%BAblic/@41.5928086,2.5801547,17z/data=!4m6!3m5!1s0x12bb37b59e91e0cd:0x476c08ed957386a8!8m2!3d41.593236!4d2.581922!16s%2Fg%2F11c6vv3d2c?entry=ttu D) Free parking 4 minutes away: https://www.google.com/maps/search/41.589784,+2.588728?entry=tts&shorturl=1